Major: Liberal Arts and Sciences

What colleges offer a Major in Liberal Arts & Sciences?

A liberal arts and sciences major is ideal if you’re unsure of what career you’d like to pursue. You’ll get exposure to many subjects, such as the arts, history, biology, religious studies, and philosophy. 

For some students, this major can be the one they stick with throughout their undergraduate program. For other students, it may be a starting point. After a few courses, they may choose a different, more specified major. Whatever your decision, a liberal arts and sciences degree opens you up to diverse topics. You’ll also build on your communication skills and learn how to present ideas and share your critiques on various issues.

What does a Liberal Arts and Sciences major study? 

  • Language in Culture and Society
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • English
  • Classical Mythology
  • U.S. Government
  • Introduction to Religious Studies
  • Economics
  • Environmental Studies

What can I do with a Liberal Arts and Sciences degree?

Here are some examples of job opportunities you can explore:

Specializations for a Liberal Arts and Sciences major:

What are the requirements for a Liberal Arts and Sciences degree? 

Select the appropriate courses to ensure that you’re well-versed across the humanities, arts, and natural and social sciences. Your academic institution will provide guidance on the credits you need to graduate.