Major: Health Sciences, General

What colleges offer a Major in Health Sciences General?

We work hard; we play hard. We sit at computers for hours. We run marathons. We eat too much. Americans are living longer, but we need help caring for ourselves when age, disease, or injury catches up with us. If you study health sciences, you’ll learn how you can care for people and educate them about the many aspects of health care. 

Your classes will give you a broad base to build on if you continue your studies in fields such as exercise science or nutrition. Or you may choose an undergraduate specialty such as health information technology or paramedics and go straight into a job after graduation.

This major offers students a general introduction to the health professions or direct training in specific fields of health care. Instruction covers the basic sciences, health research, and clinical procedures.

Did You Know?

Among people aged fifteen to twenty-four, suicide is the third leading cause of death. As a health sciences major, you might explore ways to prevent suicide.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Volunteer with an organization like Operation Smile over the summer, maybe even overseas
  • Join an honorary society like Eta Sigma Gamma (for students of health education)
  • Intern at an on- or off-campus health-care facility or public school
  • Get hands-on experience in the lab and clinic
  • Consider choosing a specialty
  • Study a variety of subjects, ranging from drug abuse to rural health
  • Use what you learn in science classes to discuss social issues

It Helps To Be...

Motivated, energetic, and interested in helping others. You’ll also need to be a strong communicator who is open to learning new technology.

College Checklist

  • Does the program focus more on preparing students for further education or for a career?
  • Does the program require you to choose a specialty within the allied health professions, or does it offer a general education?
  • Does the program prepare you to take certification exams?
  • Will you have the opportunity to complete an internship?

Did You Know?

Studying a foreign language can boost your career opportunities.

Course Spotlight

In a class on health promotion, you’ll learn about the importance of health education and communication. You’ll study the risks to public health, from smoking to AIDS, and also learn about public health agencies: How do they get the word out about the dangers of intravenous drug use? How do they make sure that those most at risk from the flu get their shots?

You might also study how health teachers in the schools can promote the health of their students. Don't be surprised if you write lesson plans or plan your own health-promotion campaign.