Major: Journalism

What colleges offer a Major in Journalism?

Are you someone who can’t get enough of the latest headlines? Do you love the thrill of the chase? If so, you may want to consider majoring in journalism. With this degree, you could find yourself covering world events for a major newspaper or TV network, reporting on sports for a local radio station, or writing about entertainment on the Internet.

As a journalism major, you’ll not only master the art of reporting and writing, but you'll also learn about libel and other legal issues that affect the media. And you'll learn what it takes to survive in a tough, but often rewarding, business.

Journalism majors learn to report, write, and edit articles for publication or broadcast.

“Most students considering this major don’t realize that they will be required to write, write, write, whether they are in print news, broadcast news, or advertising/public relations.”Patsy G. Watkins, Associate Professor and Chair, Lemke Department of Journalism, University of Arkansas

Are You Ready To...?

  • Complete an internship
  • Study libel laws
  • Keep up with current events
  • Learn to be an ace researcher
  • Learn how to find and interview sources
  • Sharpen your editing and computer skills
  • Work on the school newspaper

It Helps To Be...

A quick study with a keen curiosity who can gather, absorb, and deliver information in the heat of a looming deadline: that’s what journalism is all about.

College Checklist

  • Is the department accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications?
  • Will the program help you find an internship?
  • Do the professors have enough field experience to provide valuable insights on what it’s like to be a working journalist?
  • Does the department offer course work in your particular area of interest, for example, magazine writing?
  • What's the school newspaper like? Get a copy, or visit the newspaper's website if there is one.
  • Is there a campus radio station? TV station?
  • Check out the equipment you’ll be working on. Do lab computers have up-to-date software? Is the campus newspaper office well equipped and in good condition?

You’ve got to have the experience of working on the school paper. You don’t learn how to write well unless you do it every day.” -- Scott, senior, journalism, San Jose State University

Course Spotlight

Get ready to hit the ground running with a course in news writing and reporting. It’s a core requirement for virtually all journalism majors. This is boot camp for future journalists, where you’ll learn the basic skills of news gathering and writing -- all under deadline.

Cranking out stories under newsroom conditions is great training, and it’s also a good way to find out whether this is the major for you. So take this class early in your college career and test the waters.