Level Up: Secure Your Summer Internship

You can take steps toward your college goals without sacrificing fun or relaxation.

Are you ready to secure your dream summer internship? We've got a special recap from BigFuture's Real Talk, where Black professionals and students share their successful strategies for landing internships. Here's what you need to know to transform your search into success.

What Is an Internship and Why It Matters

Have you ever thought you'd enjoy something and then you try it and don't? That’s where an internship comes in. It’s a bridge between the theories you learn in class and their real-world applications. They offer you a hands-on opportunity to explore potential careers, develop skills, and understand the workplace. Internships are important for ensuring that you're not just hearing about your career possibilities but seeing and experiencing them in practice.

Transferable Skills

In an internship, you'll get to sharpen skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. These are transferable skills that not only help you during your internship but also are highly valued in any industry you choose to pursue.

Networking, Connections, and Mentors

Networking can open doors to opportunities. Building relationships with mentors and peers during an internship can provide guidance and support as you navigate your career path.

Career Inspiration

Internships can also play a big role in career decision making. They’re a glimpse into the daily responsibilities of a profession, helping you to decide whether a certain path is right for you.

How to Find an Internship

Securing the right internship requires knowing where to look and having the tools to identify opportunities that align with your interests. Utilizing resources like the Career Quiz can help clarify what types of roles might suit your skills and passions.

What to Include in Your Résumé

Your résumé is your first chance to make a strong impression. It should reflect your academic achievements, any relevant work experience, extracurricular activities, and the unique skills you bring to the table. As your career progresses, your résumé will evolve, so it's important to view it as a work in progress that adapts as you gain more experience.

What to Expect in an Interview and How to Prepare

Take every interview seriously. Do thorough research on the company and show genuine enthusiasm. Engage actively by asking questions and always follow up afterward to reinforce your interest and appreciation for the opportunity.

By approaching each step of the internship process with intention and dedication, you can level up your summer experience. Remember, no experience is ever lost; every opportunity contributes to growing your skills and accomplishments, paving the way for future success.