5 Ways the SAT Can Help You

1. It opens doors. Most four-year colleges require you to submit an admission test scores as part of your application. The SAT is accepted by almost all U.S. colleges.

2. It helps guide your choices. Many colleges publicize the average SAT score of their admitted students. This allows you to see how your score compares with those of the students at the colleges you’re considering. And it allows you to consider other colleges that have similar test-score distributions. Remember, though, that an average test score is just that — an average. Don’t be afraid to apply to a college that seems right for you even if its average score is higher or lower than yours.

3. It helps you qualify for scholarships. Some colleges and educational organizations award scholarship money to students based in part on SAT scores.

4. It helps colleges find you. By opting in to the Student Search Service® when you register for the SAT, you can receive free information from colleges and scholarship programs. This can help you to discover a good match.

5. It focuses on the skills needed for college. The SAT is all about the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in college. By studying for the SAT, you are also sharpening important skills at the heart of education.

Worried about the cost of taking the test or sending your scores? Fee waivers are available to help eligible students cover these costs — and the cost of applying for college. Learn about fee waivers for the SAT. You also receive four free score reports every time you register for the SAT. You can indicate which schools you want to receive the score reports before you test or up to nine days after the test date.