5 Majors to Consider for a Career in Marketing

5 Majors to Consider for a Career in Marketing Meta Description: Here are 5 majors to explore if you are considering a career in the marketing career cluster.

What should you study if you are interested in a career in Marketing?

Marketing careers include jobs in promoting, advertising, and selling products or services to customers.

If you are interested in a career in Marketing here is a list of 5 majors you might consider when thinking about your degree options.

  1. Marketing
    Marketing majors learn how to create and sell new products and services in ways that will build a large and loyal group of customers.
  2. Communications and Rhetoric
    Communication and rhetoric majors study and practice the exchange of messages in all their variety.
  3. Accounting
    Accounting majors learn how to gather, record, analyze, interpret, and communicate information about an individual’s or organization’s financial performance and risks.
  4. Entrepreneurial Studies
    Entrepreneurship majors learn how to build, promote, and manage their own businesses. They also learn how to apply their creativity and energy to make existing businesses more productive.
  5. Finance
    Finance majors learn how to make financial decisions for organizations. Course work covers such topics as planning, raising funds, making wise investments, and controlling costs.

When you think about careers in the Marketing career cluster, these are just a few examples of potential majors to get you started. Explore more majors or search for colleges on BigFuture that offer these or similar majors to start building your college list!