Major: Biology

What colleges offer a Major in Biology?

When you think of life on earth, your first thoughts are probably about familiar animals, your pet dog or cat, the bird you see in the tree outside your window. But that is really only a small sample of all the types of life on our planet, which include plants, bacteria, fungi, and animals in a vast array of body forms and types.

Biology is the study of life, individual organisms, their communities, and the systems, cells, and processes that make up living matter.

Students of biology undertake a general program in which they study living organisms and the systems and processes that permit life. Courses include subjects like cell biology, evolutionary biology, marine biology, and plant biology.

Did You Know?

Though we often think mammals are the most successful animals on earth, more than 97 percent of animals are invertebrates, those without backbones.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Complete internships and independent research
  • Take courses in math and chemistry
  • Work in labs and do fieldwork
  • Look through a microscope to study cells

It Helps To Be...

A nature lover. If you like animals and plants and enjoy learning why life exists and behaves the way it does, studying biology is for you.

College Checklist

  • What kinds of labs will you have access to?
  • Will you have the chance to complete independent research projects?
  • Will you be able to work with professors on their research?
  • What areas of concentration, such as microbiology and plant biology, can you choose from?

Did You Know?

Some one-celled organisms, called prokaryotes, lack a membrane-bound nucleus.

Course Spotlight

In plant anatomy, you’ll learn about the nature of plant life. You’ll examine the structure of plant cells and see how these cells are organized into a plant’s various organs and tissues, such as roots and leaves. You will learn how plants function, how they grow and change with the environment, and how they reproduce.