Major: Engineering, General

What colleges offer a Major in Engineering, General?

Engineering is a solution-driven profession. Finding new ways to get things done or optimizing systems already in place are what engineers do. Being an engineer requires creativity, innovation, and curiosity. A case in point: While working at Boeing, Walter Braithwaite spearheaded the development of computer-aided design used to make accurate drawings of airplanes. 

As an Engineering major, you’ll use your knowledge of science, math, and technology to develop products needed to solve real-world problems. Engineers also have the responsibility to ensure that the processes and systems they develop keep people safe and protect the environment. 

What does an Engineering major study? 

Your coursework as an Engineering major will prepare you to find economically sound and effective solutions to problems. That means you’ll take courses in math, science, and technology. The following areas of study will help you understand how to develop, test, and fine-tune products or systems: 

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mechanics 
  • Materials
  • Electricity And Magnetism 
  • Thermodynamics
  • Computational Analysis

What can I do with an Engineering degree?

With an Engineering degree, you’ll be positioned to create processes and products that solve issues in society. An essential part of your job is to develop sustainable products and systems. You’ll be adding value to the environment and to people’s lives. Here are some examples of job opportunities:

Specializations for an Engineering major:

What are the requirements for an Engineering degree? 

In this interdisciplinary field, you must be careful to track the courses needed to meet the credit requirements. To ensure you’re on the right path, meet with your academic advisor to review any questions about this innovative, challenging degree. To gain a wider lens on the impact of engineering in other societies, study abroad or take courses in global technology and engineering.